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Algorithm Elf 1.2.1

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A graphical way to show the implementation process of the most data structure algorithms.

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30 Days

Applicable to the production of algorithms course and help the students understanding of the software algorithm for the implementation process.

Algorithm elf uses the animation way to show memory data, heap stack data changes in an intuitive display that can help you understand the algorithm implementation. The process of these animations can be extracted to design courseware material.

Most of the classical algorithm is built-in . Each algorithm can be used as a game. In the course of the game, you need set the image attributes, or fill in the correct data values by the algorithms, so he can continue the game or have the points (the game features in the current version has not yet achieved).

Algorithm wizard also allows you to write your algorithms in Pascal Language, build and run the algorithm. Through the graphical Algorithm-based approach to demonstrate the implementation process, to discover problems in algorithm design and better improved algorithm. you can add breakpoints and watchpoints in the execution process even.