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L-Lingo Chinese Mandarin 4.0

With our practical lessons, you are able to build a solid foundation of fundamental vocabulary and useful phrases and in no-time you will be able to talk in Chinese.

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L-Lingo Chinese Mandarin can help you learn Chinese, even if you have no previous exposure to the language. Its simple interface is designed to enable you to more than just "get by." The multimedia lessons set you up for travelling in China, for daily and family life, and for socializing. Completing the course will enable you to successfully hold a conversation in Chinese Mandarin, and also to read and write in that language. You can swap to and from Chinese script to the easier Pinyin Romanization (using characters like these). Each element of the multimedia course is enriched with relevant images of Asian life, combined with recordings of native Chinese speakers -modern research shows that this immersive approach to language learning is the most likely to be successful. Our own experience of language learning has enabled us to keep the software simple so you can use save your mental energy for learning Chinese.