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HDCleanUp 1.8.4

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Clean up your hard disk clutter with HDCleanUp!

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HDCleanUp is a disk utility that does the following tasks: * Application Uninstall. Simply drop an application onto the window, and HDCleanUp shows you a best-guess of all the application's related files. * Orphaned Preferences Files. This task not only shows you a best-guess of orphaned preference files, but also of all the applications and their preferences files. * Crash and Log Files. An application crashes. It creates a crash log. The log is sometimes sent to Apple, or the application's developer. Then the crash log remains in your crash log folder. * Duplicate Files. Do you really need 5 copies of your old documents? Probably not. * Duplicate Applications. Suppose you download an application. Months later you download an updated release, however, you forget to delete the older release. When you double-click on the application\'s document, which application will open? Could be the older, could be the newer. * Empty Folders. What good is a folder if it's empty? Now you can track down those useless empty folders. * Empty Files. What good is a file if it's empty? Now you can track down those useless empty files. * Validate Internet Files. This function finds which Internet files point to a valid web page, and which do not. * Orphaned Aliases. What good is an alias file if it's lost its associated file? * Cache Files. Cache files are used by applications to speed things up. However, somethings they become corrupted. Best to delete most or all the cache files occasionally. * ZIP Large Files. Have a lot of larger files on your hard disk? If you don't need them, send them to the Trash. Might need them? Compress them first in ZIP format and then send them to the Trash. * List ZIP Contents. Have a lot of ZIP (compressed) files? Now you can easily find ZIP files and view the contents without extracting any files. * Slim Universal Applications. Most applications are made as an Universal Application meaning they contain code for both the PowerPC and Intel architectures. If you are using an Intel Mac, you don't need all that PowerPC code bloating your applications. * HFS+ Compression. Individual file compression helps produce the reduced disk foot print of Snow Leopard and results in improved performance as well.