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ARIA 1.0

file size: 39.67 MB

DJ/Karaoke/and video mixing software easy enough for the novice, but robust enough for the pro!

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14 Days
10.5 / 10.6 / OS X

Let the beat drop Then pick it up and take it with you. Its not a game, its the real thing. Entertainment for you, your friends, anywhere, everywhere. After all, the world is your party. And ARIA is playing your song. Finally, theres music-making software made just for us music lovers who dont want technology to get in the way of the good times. The simple ARIA interface lets you get into the mix right away you dont need to pour over a complicated users manualsor have a Ph.D in engineering. Best of all, there are three ARIA interactive modes to choose from. DJ Mode - Karaoke Mode - and Scratch mode.

Mix, scratch, and record audio, video and karaoke files! Use our built-in Karaoke Locker store to purchase and download karaoke tunes!