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DiskAid 5.3

file size: 3.70 MB

*The first WiFi iPhone File Transfer Software!* DiskAid Transfers Files to iPhone, iPad or iPod via Wi-Fi or USB.

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10.5 / 10.6 / 10.7
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Browsing iPhone Apps contents directly from your Mac (OS X) or PC (Windows) and transferring files to and from an iOS device has never been easier with DiskAid. It automatically discovers all Apps and allows to copy files, folders or even complete file trees! Enjoy fast and dependable file copy to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via Wi-Fi or lightning fast USB connection to copy files to your iPhone iPad or iPod touch.

*Transfer Music* Copy Music & Videos from your Device and Transfer it back into iTunes. DiskAid 5 replaced TuneAid with an intuitive music & videos transfer wizard for your media copy from any iPod, iPhone and iPad to your computer. Transfer music, movies, podcasts (audio & video), iTunes U, audiobooks, any playlist or any specific selection or mix of all these. The copy will include iTunes meta data: ratings, play counts, and more. DiskAid will rebuild your iTunes library from your iPhone, iPod or iPad; it’s just like TuneAid, but even better! DiskAid also includes an automated duplicates handling to avoid copying tracks already in your iTunes library. More info …

*Access iPhone Data* Export all iPhone SMS Text Messages, Contacts, Voice Memos and any other Data to your Mac or PC. No hacks, no hassle: you are a click away from having your iPhone’s SMS messages and iMessages copied to your computer in a handy text file or a PDF document. DiskAid instantly exports your call history log, voicemail, voice memo, notes and your whole contacts list. Just drag and drop items from the DiskAid window to your desktop! More info …

*Copy pictures from iPhone* Copy your Camera Roll to your Computer & Transfer Photo Albums with DiskAid for free. DiskAid accesses the contents of your iPhone or iPad Camera roll and lets your copy all stills and videos shots with the device or synced with iTunes to a device running iOS 5 or up.

*Browse iCloud and PhotoStream* Browse, download and upload files to iCloud and access PhotoStream from your Mac with DiskAid. DiskAid 6 for Mac offers a unique and easy way to browse and transfer files in iCloud and full access to PhotoStream. Further this feature allows to upload documents to iCloud and make them available to matching apps in the Cloud, whether for iPhone or the iPad apps or compatible desktop applications