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Naptop is the world's-first cure for laptop insomnia.

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Trial Period:
15 Days
7 / XP / Vista
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If you have ever experienced a problem getting your laptop to fall asleep when closing the the lid, Naptop provides the answer. Naptop works in the background protecting your system from software that interferes with the system's ability to suspend itself. As soon as a piece of software tries to prevent the system from falling asleep, Naptop steps in and automatically solves the issue or sounds an alarm, allowing your laptop to get sleep when you want it to. Naptop has a very small memory footprint and does not impact system performance. You can try Naptop for 15 days afterwhich it's only $12.95 to register your copy and ensure continuous protection of your laptop. Avoid costly hardware repairs caused by overheating, save battery life and keep the environment green with Naptop!