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SimpleClub 2.7.3

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Simple Club is a bridge card game program primarily designed to help teach two bidding systems: the Simplified Club system, a modification of the Schenken Club system as described in the book "Better Bidding in 15 Minutes," and the American Contract Bridge League's Standard American Yellow Card system.

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7 / XP / Vista
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You pick the bidding system and bid the South hand with the computer bidding the other three hands. While you are learning, you can ask the computer for a brief explanation of what its bids mean and why it made them. If you are not sure of the bid to make, you can ask the computer what bid it would make in your situation and it will tell you along with an explanation of what the bid would mean. You can start out with basic Standard American bidding and add the more advanced conventions as you learn: Jacoby Transfers, Jocoby No Trump, Fourth Suit Forcing and Lebensohl over a reverse. If you are only interested in offensive bidding, you can have the computer give you and your partner the best hands on every deal. Once you have finished bidding a hand, you can play it against the computer. There are a number of options, including playing each hand as declarer or playing double dummy. Your score against the computer can be calculated using rubber bridge, Chicago or duplicate scoring.