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BrainDistrict LifeAssets 1.2

file size: 17.82 MB

Looking for more long term financial planning that is not part of the typical personal finance software packages like Quicken?

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Trial Period:
30 Days
10.5 / 10.6 / OS X

BrainDistricts LifeAssets is comprehensive personal financial planning software that can help you plan your financial future up to and through retirement. After answering a few basic questions about your current financial picture, including income, expenses, retirement income, and assets such as property and stocks, LifeAssets maps your long term finances on a unique timeline interface giving you instant visibility into your financial future. With easy to use but advanced forecasting tools, you can quickly see the effects of changing interest rates, currency fluctuations, the forecasted values of assets, even inflation. LifeAssets can even make recommendations when to sell assets to maintain a desired amount of cash in the bank. With its unique timeline slider, you can slide along the LifeAssets timeline and see where you will be financially at any given point, giving you ample opportunity to make adjustments before its too late. Dont leave your financial future to chance, get LifeAssets and know your path to retirement and beyond. BrainDistrict LifeAssets is available for a free, fully functional 30 day trial for Windows and Macintosh users.