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InfoWallet 1.3.15

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10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / OS X / 10.7
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Floating Login Assistant always available, password strength meter, profile section revamped due to customer feedback with automatic age calculation. Business address lookup with CitySearch. Makes it easy, quick, and accurate entry without having to type manually. Search by name (such as specific doctor) or type of business (such as surgeon) and by complete address, city and state, or zip code. Add attachments. Attachments are compressed and encrypted to keep them private. Available in new dedicated Records section in addition to Passwords, Doctors, Medications, Contacts, Insurance, and Financial sections. Works with almost any type of file. InfoWallet is a software program that lets you have the information of your life with you, easily available, and private. InfoWallet for your health details and history, insurance policies, financial accounts, contacts, documents and all your passwords. Be prepared for emergencies, natural disasters, and everyday living. Advanced features Timeline of your life with doctor visits, medications, and history in a list and graphical chart Login Assistant (Macintosh and Windows) log into to web sites with as little as 2 clicks Business lookups search the Internet for Doctors, Pharmacies, Banks, etc. for easy and accurate entry of their info Show address in Google maps with one click Find businesses with integrated CitySearch Supports vCARD integration with computer address book and other applications Welcome screen shows RSS news feeds on Heath, Finance, and Lifestyle Carry information on multiple people at the same time Carry important documents securely