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mi-vine(m) 1.0.6

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You had a Cellering Software Program that could tell you exactly what wine you owned, where you kept it, what you thought of it, where you got it, when to drink it and what you can find that is similar to it. Now also imagine you had an Online Profile where friends and family can access your ratings & reviews on wine, your personal wine wishlist and other social community information from anywhere in the world via an internet enabled computer or mobile phone.

mi-vine(m) is Wine Your Way, it is the perfect blend of an online wine collector community with an offline wine cellaring software product that enables you to understand your collection, rate your collection and share your collection ratings, reviews and wishlist items online with friends and family. The comprehensive mi-vine(m) database enables you to search for that elusive wine you always wanted to collect or just find that ideal wine companion for that perfect dish to entertain friends and family. mi-vine(m) is your Personalized Interactive Wine Manager.