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Fontbase 1.2.1

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If you want to order and catalogue your font collection, then you need Fontbase.

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With Fontbase you can build a database of your OpenType and TrueType fonts, with information such as Style, Classification, Weight, Manufacturer, Keywords, Your Rating, in fact almost anything you can use to describe a font.

You can group fonts together in sets that have common properties, find and seperate out duplicates, look at the glyphs of the font, find the font file on your computer at the click of your mouse.

You can also 'Test Drive' the font and print a sample without having to activate the font or add it to the system fonts folder.

Archive away your unrequired fonts in Fontbase's compressed archive files, together with all the database information you have collated for those fonts.

Carry out simple searches to find all the fonts with the same base name or the same manufacturer, or carry out complex searches for fonts that have a specific font table or a specific font feature.