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MecaNet 18.02.24

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The best typing course in English language.

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CursoMecaNet is a complete free typing course (English) that will teach us to write as quickly and safely as possible. This PC software allows you to acquire greater speed to write texts without looking computer's keyboard.

It is organized in 20 lessons, with indications of fingers position and movement, a great amount of typing exercises and several typing games.

It allows to save and load to different users all information for each lesson.

This Basic version allows you to learn to type on computer keyboard without looking, using ten fingers. In this way you can reach between 250 and 300 beats per minute.

CursoMecaNet is completely free, has no expiration date and contains the full texts for its multiple lessons and exams.

In these times, writing with a computer is as necessary as in other times, manual writing was. We all know that any work or project that we have to present today must necessarily be carried out by computer, and it is unthinkable to present or produce documents presented by hand in any company or field of activity.

The need to know how to use a computer keyboard correctly is in parallel with our productivity, and therefore with our chances of having a good job. It is already a reality that, in those more advanced countries, the teaching of computer writing is being carried out in schools with children from six or seven years old, knowing that, in their lives they will perform computer-based tasks.

COMPLETE COURSE: 20 lessons and their corresponding exams. You can take lessons and test with any text file (txt or doc) that you want. Save results for each lesson as a web page that can be published on internet. Keyboard and hands on screen. It allows register, save andload to different users all lesson's information. Typing games. Statistical information in real time (ppm,% errors, words per min. , punctuation ...) You can turn the backspace on or off to allow error clearing. For small children, you can choose between Distinguish or Do Not Distinguish the uppercase or lowercase. The sound of keystrokes and errors can be turned on or off. You can customize the type and size of text to write. Helps in learning to read and spell. Option to use or not to use the "Enter" key Exercise attention, concentration and self-control. It propitiates a correct computer use with consequent gain in time and productivity.