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DMG Master 1.2.1

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DMG Master is a software to create standard Disk Image Archive recognized by any Mac in a simplified way, with just one click.

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10 Days

Disk Images Archive is the preferred and standard way on the Mac to exchange group of files compacted in a single file. It uses a format universally recognized by any Mac. Clicking an archive, results in it be mounted by Mac OS X as virtual disk on any Mac (no additional software required). The unique 'document based' approach used by DMG Master lets the user save a lot of time in the use of the software if compared with the tipical 'utility' approach. Using DMG Master the user has to do that just one time and save all the settings in a document. After that, the user opens the document from disk and press the 'Make Disk Image' button. The disk image is created on the fly with the updated content. DMG Master can be useful to create archives for different purposes: - Release software as software developers - Make generic backup of your data - Make backup for remote server archiving private data ancrypted for safety transmission - Store data on a ftp server - Sending reserved data via the net - Using GMail as a backup server (sending to your gmail account archives as email attachment) - Storing files on external devices