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netSupervisor 1.4.5

file size: 3.76 MB

netSupervisor is a powerfull network analysis tool, that shows in graphically the status information of every machine.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003
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It will also alert you about network errors by differents methods. netSupervisor combines in a single application a large amount of network monitoring tools, without neglecting the simplicity of a user-friendly environment with a user-friendly interface. With netSupervisor you can design, manage and monitor any network in real time, including networks through the Internet. Having multiple network management tools assembled in a single software package leads to a considerable saving of time. netSupervisor is a Multithreading application, which allows you to use all the available tools at the same time. netSupervisor can supervise any machine connected to a network with an IP address, from a server to a security videocamera. This software has been specifically designed for network administrators, although many of its functions make this program suitable for a vast majority of single computer users connected to the Internet.