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IDX Renditioner PC 1.01

file size: 17.97 MB

IDX Renditioner is a plug-in for Google SketchUp that provides high-quality photorealistic rendering fast and easily.

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Trial Period:
15 Days
XP / Vista

Renditioner works directly within SketchUp and lets users control the materials, advanced lighting components, environments, and background images. Renditioner is "one button" easy with 3 render options of Preview, Standard, and Presentation. It is simple enough for novices, yet powerful enough for professionals. Powerful features are optimized in a jargon-free interface. Simplicity paired with speed and working directly in SketchUp, means users can achieve design visualization objectives more quickly. Renditioner offers 16 megapixel renderings for large-scale printing and powerful presentation of designs. Use Serial Number: AA30-7012-3060-7243 Activation Code: 14DA-9545-FD6B-8072.