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Payroll Master

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Payroll Master provides a simple and fast way to create your payroll records.

Trial Period:
30 Days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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After entering your business and employee information, and four state tax items, creating your payroll is as easy as selecting the employee's name from a list and entering the hours worked. Payroll Master will also calculate for bonuses and overtime, and you have a choice of up to three payroll deductions from your employees. They can be tax deferred such as a 401K plan, or non-tax deferred as in a Roth IRA. Payroll Master will calculate taxes for the self employed too. A payroll receipt can be printed using regular paper with a choice of one or two pay-receipts per page, or print your payroll checks and receipt on standard pre-printed checks. Reports for your accountant are a snap to create. There is a choice of printing weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports for all employees or for just one individual.

Payroll Master will save you time and money. No more looking up taxes in a table and entering them into a ledger. Let Payroll Master do it the quick and easy way. The reports are designed to be easily read by your tax accountant. Employer contributions are calculated and printed in the "Weekly" payroll report. No more guessing as to how much to put in your tax escrow account. At present, Payroll Master is designed for use in states that have a single tax percentage rate, example... Michigan has a .0435 state tax rate regardless of how much you earn, or if you are single or married. Look for graduated state tax scales in future updates. Payroll Master will also calculate for a single rate city tax.

Payroll Master may save you hundreds of dollars in accountant fees, and in payroll processing fees if you outsource your payroll to another company. With context sensitive help screens and intuitive screen design any employee can run this software. Passwords and Social Security numbers are secured and encrypted for increased identify theft protection. In addition, a two tiered password protection scheme provides a more secure environment for your payroll records.

States that have a single state rate or no state taxes that may be able to use Payroll Master are as follows: AL, AK, AZ, FL, IL, IA, IN, MA, MI, MO, NV, NH, PA, SD, TN, TX, WA, WY.

You may use the shareware version unrestricted for a period of 30 days or 50 uses. It's full featured and nothing is held back. All reports are available. Windows 98, Me, XP, and Vista operating systems supported.

Annual tax table updates are made available on line to save you the time of updating them.

Purchase Payroll Master for only $49.95 U.S. dollars. Michigan residents add 6% ($3.00) sales tax for a total of $52.95 U.S. dollars.