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BdContacts 1.07

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BdContacts is a powerful Menu Bar Contacts application that takes up very little room on your menu bar and gives you instant access to all your Address Book contacts along with extending the information stored with a contact like unlimited Notes, ToDo's, Alarms, Emails, Documents and Photos without having five applications eating up your dock space or menu bar.

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BdContacts allows you to store and organize information with your Address Book contacts in ways never possible before, you can associate information with a contact and then compare selections of contacts to see a union of common information, like a combined ToDo list for several clients, or documents or Photos.

BdContacts allows you to link any number of documents, photos or emails to a contact simply by dragging the information to the contact. You can then add additional notes on the reference and either view a quick look view of the information or open the original.

BdContacts supports iCal type Alarms both stand alone and attracted to ToDo items the alarms are separate of iCal. The alarms look and feel just like iCal alarms but can relay more information and handle multiple alarm events.

BdContacts use the shelf concept to allow you to store groups of contacts or any other information you need to reference quickly, simply drag any item or group of items to the shelf and then click on the shelf item to be taken right back to the view and then have the records selected. This makes working with several clients a snap as you can be only one mouse click away from the information you need.

BdContacts is built using 100% Cocoa and Objective-C, BdContacts leverages the built-in power of Mac OS X10.5 (Leopard) to give you access to the latest technologies available from OS X, like Core Data SQL storage and uses the new Image Browser, HUD (Head up display) and quick look to provide information in a truly visual manner.