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Towers 4.1

file size: 25.82 MB

Super addictive solitaire card game - New Edition!

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1 Levels
2k / XP / 2003 / Vista

You have to clear the game field by pressing the cards on the field, the number of which is bigger or less by 1 than desk card at the bottom.You can place a King or Two over an Ace.If there are no moves, press the desk to get a new card.Bonus points are added on the chain length and playing speed.Every two levels you get a new civilization, pictures, and card skins (Egypt, Rome, China, etc).

Features : - 4 Civilization themes - hi-quality graphics - Fullscreen support - Boss Key - hi-quality sound - Auto save / Resume - Auto pause on window switching - Tournaments support - Hall of Fame global synchronization - Windows Vista support - instant activation