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We play a lot of games, and I often find myself looking for a watch, or trying to fiddle with a mobile phone to use as a game timer.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003 / Vista

This little application turns your PC of Laptop into a game timer.

It works in countdown mode (up to 99 hours for very long turns!) with an audible buzzer and flashing "FINISH", or in stopwatch mode.

It has large, easy to read numbers that get bigger when you enlarge the window. Simply click anywhere on the program window to start, stop and reset the timer - or hit the space bar.

My multi-media remote for my home PC already uses space bar for pause, so I can even control the timer with my remote!

I hope this little program will make it easier and more fun playing games that require a timer.

Big Kev