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Star Corp

file size: 2.75 MB

Run a corporation in the frontiers of space.

Published by:
Open Source
XP / Vista

Operate starships, build colony facilities, harvest the rich resources of alien worlds, manufacture goods to keep the colonists happy. The Star Corp uses a hosted server with a rich environment of star systems, planets, asteroids, gas fields, colonies and starships. Colonies are inhabited by people with their own needs for goods and services provided by corporations through their facilities or on the colony market. Turns are played through emails with players able to submit any number of orders between game updates to be processed immediately but have a limited amount of time to use. Star Corp comes with a graphical client for viewing turn reports and preparing turn orders. The client provides a tree-based view of all a corporation's assets, mechanisms to search available items and markets, design starships and prepare orders and send them via email.