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AxoGraph X 1.2

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AxoGraph X is an essential tool for busy research scientists and engineers.

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Developed and refined over 17 years, it is being used today in research labs around the world. It provides an intuitive, efficient way to acquire and analyze time-series data, and a direct route to publication quality graphics. A wide variety of analysis features and graph styles are available. Analysis can be automated, extended or customized. Graphs can be exported to presentation and page layout programs.

A simple yet sophisticated data acquisition system records electrical signals directly into a graph window. It features...

Digital chart recorder Digital oscilloscope with test pulse Protocol-driven acquisition Real-time analysis as data is acquired

A wide range of data analysis features... Mouse click and cursor measurements Automated peak detection and measurement Linear, exponential and general curve fit. Filter and transform data A range of statistical tests Numerical results accumulate as tab-delimited tables in the 'log' window

Flexible analysis of graphs with multiple traces, or groups of traces... Simultaneously analyze every trace in a group, or all traces in a graph Rapidly analyze data from multiple graphs

Import and export Igor Pro and MATLAB files.