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XpoLog Center 3.0

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XpoLog Center V3.0 is a Log Viewer and Linux logs, Analysis of SysLog Server logs and applications logs.

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15 Days
Console / X11
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Filter, Search and create Reports on logs. Log Management and Log Analysis platform. XpoLog automatically search and detect anomalies and problems in the log files.

XpoLog Center is a software solution that helps to quickly investigate and isolate applications problems. The solution is based on an agent-less log analysis technology that reads and understands any type of log. XpoLog Center V3.0 is non intrusive and can integrate also to any application in production. V3.0 Top features Anomaly detection on any log Risk analysis and trend analysis on logs New Dashboard for correlations Powerful Reports engine New Log Viewer and Log Analyzer Automatic configuration: Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat, Apache, IIS, Windows, Linux, Solaris, Log4J, and many more More>>

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Search, view and mine logs of any type Isolate problems in applications, servers, network and other devices Merge several logs into one Automatic anomaly detection applications risk - in a single dashboard Setup a log management solution