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Rhapzode 3.0

file size: 9.97 MB

Rhapzod is the must have companion for PowerPoint authors to help enhance and protect their content.

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XP / 2003 / Vista
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Protection Rhapzod compiles your presentation to a single, encrypted native .EXE format or a .RRRx file that can be viewed using the Rhapzode player. Rhapzode protection highlights: Compile to .EXE file Content encryption Password authentication No extraction of content to hard disk Traceability by embedding end user details Valid from and expiry checking for content Clearance level authentication access to specified slides Require agreement to EULA/ NDA or legal agreement before starting And much more Enhancement Rhapzod helps enhance your presentation by giving you complete control over the playback experience. Enhancement highlights: Control the entire playback experience including startup, exit and navigation Synchronised media (audio or video) per slide Built-in narration facility with teleprompter Personalise to your specific end user Add branding and URL hot linking And much more