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Finance 101 - Mac 7.3.1

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Finance 101 is a powerful business income & expense and personal finance management program designed for simplicity and fast data entry.

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10 Days
OS X / Macintosh

The simple tab navigation, single window interface and condensed toolbars keep important features always at your fingertips. Internal relational databases track income, expenses, transfers, accounts, budgets, recurring items, tax categories, invoice payments from Invoice101, scanned documents and more. Advanced features include multiple business tracking, auto enter presets, multiple currencies, quick select date ranges, recurring & duplicating items, due date reminder list, bank statement reconciliation, asset management, online account login, powerful budget averages & forecast, integrated document management and contextual help system. Print options for financial lists offer quick date range selection with totals for individual tax categories, assets, recurring items, budgets, accounts and transfers. Totals and report printouts include income and expense lists by heading, group, category, account, date range, account activity, itemized, summaries and attached scanned documents.