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StarShift - The Zaran Legacy 1.30

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StarShift is a twisted game where you can back-stab your allies, corrupt your enemies and mess with everybody else!

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NT / 2k / XP / 95

More seriously, StarShift is a Turn-Based Online Strategy Game which takes place in a fictional universe. Up to 40 players can play simultaneously in the SAME game! Every player can send instant messages and chat with other players logged on the same server.

When joining a game, you pick one out of nine (9) available races. Each race has its own advantages over the others. Some have a special unit, some gain more money, others are better at spying, building, etc. During a game, you need to research technologies to improve your units or discover new units that would not be available otherwise. You also need to use diplomacy to talk with your neighbours to create alliances or declare war. There are over 30 Techs, 25 Special Ops (for spying, sabotage, counterspy, etc.) and 6 Diplomatic Treaties.

The ultimate goal in StarShift is to become the Supreme Council Leader, which you can only achieve by winning a couple dozen games.

There are many ways to win a game... but players can make lots of points without even winning, if they\'re a bit skilled in diplomacy. So even if you don\'t win the game, you can climb the rankings. In other words, a game could be compared to a \"round\" in a boxing match: you win a game (or place among the first players), you gain points, get promoted to a higher rank, but this doesn\'t mean you will win or lose the whole match for sure!