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RS232 Stealth Monitor 1.0

file size: 1.85 MB

See serial data transmitted and received from an RS232 com port on the same PC with no extra hardware.

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30 Days
2k / XP / 2003
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Show RS232 data in Hex or ASCII mode. Format the serial port data in a variety of ways including commas or spaces between bytes, substitute characters for non-print characters in ASCII mode, new line on specific byte and new line after a specific number of RS232 bytes are received. RS232 Stealth Monitor can automatically show the com ports attached to your PC or generate a standard list up to COM100.

This serial monitor can log RS232 data to disk for a pre-determined amount of times and increment the file name starting at a specified number. Other options include stay-on-top windows, transparency settings, name adds, time reset and time stamp.