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AVIRA Webmin Remote Panel 1.1

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Configure and maintain complex solutions based on multiple AVIRA products for Linux, FreeBSD or OpenBSD.

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It is integrated as a module of the Webmin configuration tool. AVIRA Webmin Remote Panel provides access to configuration files and eases the maintenance process of AVIRA solutions. Placed between the configuration files and the system administrator, this module helps manage AVIRA Desktop for Unix, AVIRA for Unix Server, AVIRA MailGate, AVIRA for Sendmail-Milter and AVIRA WebGate. This application helps you stay informed about the status of your currently running AVIRA solutions, displaying the messages generated by these applications in the system logs. AVIRA Webmin Remote Panel also manages the engine settings, helping to keep track of administration alerts and licenses. The product works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Konqueror and Opera.