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SpamFilter ISP

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SpamFilter is used by ISPs and companies running their SMTP servers.

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45 Days
NT / 2k / XP / 2003
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It is designed to be a proxy to your incoming SMTP server receiving all e-mails addressed to your domain. To block spam we use our propietary SFBD (SpamFilter Distributed Database), a huge database of spammer's IPs updated in realtime by all SpamFilter installations in the world. A new filter to scan inside embedded images is also included. If the sender's IP is not blacklisted in DNS-MAPS based black lists then the e-mail is forwarded to your SMTP server. Statistical Bayesian DNA fingerprinting, along with dozens of blacklist/white rules are also be applied to filter spam. Examples are country filters, SPF and SURBL filters, remote DNS validation tests. An optional antivirus plug-in is available. End users have Web access to their quarantined e-mails. They can view, delete, and force delivery of their own quarantined e-mail without having to ask the system administrators. Version 4.0 features the new greylisting filer and the new SFDC - SpamFilter Distributed Content Database.