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InstallAnywhere.NET 3.0

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This is a Windows Installer authoring tool that allows developers to analyze installation logs and troubleshoot problems during MSI package authoring, and provides an early problem-detection system that catches errors before installation packages are deployed.

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NT / 2k / XP / 2003
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InstallAnywhere.NET can also be integrated directly into an automated build process using an extensive COM-based interface and command-line build options. It also integrates with Visual Basic for Applications, providing options right in the IDE to customize your installation authoring workflow. InstallAnywhere.NET always produces pure Windows Installer setups without using any proprietary scripts or add-ons.

InstallAnywhere.NET is optimized for advanced Windows and .NET applications. It allows the .NET Framework to be downloaded and installed on demand if required, registers .NET assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache, installs web services directly into IIS, performs XSL transformations on .NET configuration files, runs an assembly's embedded installation class, and optimizes .NET assemblies by running the Just-In-Time compiler at install time.