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VideoReDo Plus

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If you use a DVR or PVR no matter what your expertise you can automatically remove TV Advertising, edit DVDs, and can easily create custom videos, TV shows and movies fast...

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98 / 2k / Me / XP / 2003 / Vista
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and it works with Home theater PCs, TiVo and Microsoft Window Media Center. The workflow was designed to edit your MPEG videos fast without having to convert (transcde) video files. It can correct for dropped frames when burning DVDs from TV or noisy video tapes. Scrubbing and navigation tools are customizable to suit your own style of video editing with a variety of course-grained and fine-grained editing tools. VideoRedo has a manual and automatic re-sync capability that can re-synchronize the audio and video of your source program streams. It also has a GOP Reducer was that will reduce the size of a GOP to be DVD compatible. VideoReDo QuickEdit supports MPEG1 including VCD, MPEG2 including SVCD, and High Definition HD program streams.