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TurboCrypt 7.1

file size: 2.84 MB

This program allows users to keep sensitive files encrypted but accessible to you.

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2k / XP / 2003
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Similar to a firewall or a virus scanner, TurboCrypt works in the background. Once the program is started, you enter your password once to unlock the encrypted drive, and you can then access all encrypted files stored on that drive. When unlocked, the encrypted volume simply shows up in the windows explorer as a separate drive letter. This does not mean that unlocking a volume leaves your data out in the open. Only the section of a file being used is unencrypted and passed on-the-fly to the operating system.

All of this is done in the background, and is transparent to the user. That is to say, once the program is started and an encrypted volume is unlocked, the user cannot even tell that the files they are accessing are encrypted. Keep your music and movie archives on an encrypted Virtual Drive. Play files directly from the encrypted drive or save them to CDs or MP3 players just as you would if they were stored anywhere else on your computer.