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Fireball CyberProtection Suite 2.0

file size: 12.33 MB

This program combines the power and protection of a personal firewall, intrusion detection system, privacy controls, system assessment, parental controls, and an IPSec VPN in a single integrated software suite.

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Trial Period:
15 days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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Fireball users are shielded from Trojan horse programs, OS attacks, data leakage, invasion of privacy and even annoying pop up ads.

The program secures all dial-up, DSL, cable modem, Ethernet and wireless cards (802.11 a,b,g). New patent-pending technology is used to provide real-time identification of malicious activity. Fireball's on-board privacy and parental controls screen e-mail and attachments, filter Web sites, and block ads and harmful code. In addition, the program proactively audits the Windows operation system for missing security patches and downloads them automatically. Fireball is the only personal firewall that comes loaded with an IPsec VPN client. The VPN client allows a computer to connect back into a business network or corporate LAN.

The program has been tested with CheckPoint, NetScreen, Sonicwall, and Cisco VPN gateways and Firewalls.


    Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher