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Manuscript 1.3.1

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This program provides a large font and a soft background color.

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Trial Period:
30 days

The number of words and the equivalent number of pages in published form are updated as you type. You may set the equivalent number of words per page in the preferences.

The manuscript view shows the complete manuscript at once. You can define chapter headings in this view by selecting the heading and pressing the New Chapter button. You can scroll to another chapter by using the red arrow buttons. If you edit a chapter title it will be removed from the chapters view. You can then add the new chapter title as above.

The chapters view shows one chapter in the view with headings for other chapters in a drawer. You can change chapters with the red arrow buttons or by clicking on the heading in the drawer.

You can write notes in the margin just as you would with a paper pad.


    Mac OS X 10.2