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Quickie FlowCharts 2.0

file size: 5.01 MB

This program lets you easily create organizational charts, networking layouts, decision structures, work flow diagrams, Web site structure diagrams, or any other of your flow charting needs.

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15 days
98 / NT / 2k
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These charts can be made from scratch or by using a built-in wizard that helps you select shapes and images, then automatically place them into the chart.

A wide array of shapes can be dragged and dropped into the chart for quick placement including boxes, diamonds, arrows, and dimension bars. Designer shapes and photos including pumps, motors, computers, servers and more can be inserted to speed up customized charts. Any BMP, JPG, GIF, WMF or EMF file can be imported for implementation in the chart.

The program offers powerful drawing commands for lines, arrows, arcs, curves and freeform sketching. It also offers versatile color fills, gradients, patterns, shadows and lens effects.

Smart links between objects update their connection, no matter where the object is dragged. Text can be associated with any object. Objects can be grouped for easy updating to entire sections of the chart.