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Plesk Server Administrator 5.0.5

This Linux based Web server management application allows you to manage your corporate or personal domains, e-mail, FTP service, databases and DNS.

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30 days
Console / X11

It provides an Apache Web server and QMail e-mail server. It allows you to configure POP, SMTP, Alias, auto-responses, mail groups, Web based e-mail, domain blocking, anti-spam and more.MySQL database. It also includes PhpMyAdmin for Web based MySQL DB Administration.

This program also includes Bind DNS with setup templates, ProFTPd with anonymous and protected access, MS FrontPage, Webalizer Statistics and IMP Web based e-mail. It supports PHP, SSL, Stunnel, perl, Mod_perl, CGI, Apache ASP, IMAP, Curl, Mod_throttle and OpenSSL.


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