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ORB - Off-World Resource Base

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A Universe exists where the long-forgotten struggles between ancient beings of indescribable power have left intergalactic scars across the great expanse of space.

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98 / 2k / Me / XP / 95

Amidst the destruction, two lonely survivors cling to small globes in a remote, debris-filled solar system called Aldus. Through the ages, these two races have evolved, slowly but steadily becoming distinct and uniquely powerful nations.

In time, the Alyssians would stretch out to search beyond their own world, having heard the spatial whispers of nearby Malus orbiting their common sun. Misconstrued transmissions between the two worlds resulted in an inter-planetary war steeped in cultural disparity. The resulting charge to seize the space between their planetary homes has resulted in the creation of off-world resource bases throughout the solar system, from which to launch their onslaughts onto one another.


The demo contains six tutorials and two missions from the Malus campaign.