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NET Cards 3.0

file size: 10.63 MB

This is a multi-player game that lets people play any game of cards over the Internet.

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Trial Period:
30 days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP

The players connect to a shared whiteboard where they can see the mouse cursors of all the other connected players. This whiteboard is highly interactive -- players can do pretty much everything that can be done with a real deck of cards, like move cards around, flip, shuffle, and deal. The program also features chips, bills, score sheets and trump selectors.

The program can be used to play virtually any card game that uses one or more standard decks. To facilitate communication between players, the program provides a two-way voice channel and a chat. Players with dynamic IP addresses can use the application's e-mail-to-IP resolution ability to connect to one another other.