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Global Conquest 1.02

file size: 1.42 MB

Global Conquest is a free turn-based computer strategy game for Windows.

Published by:
2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
Support URL:

Although the premise of the game is similar with respect to the classic board game Risk, the gameplay is much more advanced, while remaining easy to learn and play.

Players take turns managing resources to conquer and defend territories using an arsenal of troops, tanks, and nuclear missiles in an effort to take over the world. A capitol building, barracks, factories, bunkers, and nuclear silos can be constructed on territories to help you achieve world dominance. Various upgrades can be researched, including bolstered army, missile, and economic strength. Additionally, players can use their income for initiatives such as propaganda or nuclear defense.

Players may compete against each other or against challenging computer-controlled players in a free-for-all up to five players, or in teams of two, at a single computer. Also, two opponents can play against each other over the internet.

The game is a small download (1.4 MB) and requires no installation.