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Roboforge 1.0

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This realistic game, allows players to construct sophisticated virtual robots and train them in combat with the ultimate aim of winning big prize money through online tournaments on both amateur and professional levels.

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98 / 2k / Me / XP / 95
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Players use a straightforward yet advanced construction kit to build their own bespoke 3D robots on their PC. Once basic construction is complete, further components such as artificial intelligence and personalized tactics are installed, resulting in constructions ranging from basic functional fighting machines to complex and highly individualised creations. The skills available to the virtual machines are enhanced by the accuracy of the physics involved in the calculations of their movements, resulting in a highly authentic overall effect.

Before facing the final competition, the participant is given the opportunity to test their designs against RoboForge's own robots. This allows the designers to improve their robots until they feel ready to venture out into the real world of the Internet, and the ultimate challenge of an online tournament. In this culmination of training, hard work and nurturing, the robot is sent off to battle while the player becomes a silent observer.