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Cockroaches 1.5

file size: 2.63 MB

Although Cockroaches lacks a plot, it can still be a fun little game in small doses.

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98 / 95
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Without a real "goal" per se, you're main desire is to erradicate two household locations of nasty little cockroaches.

At your disposal is a small aresenal of weapons, ranging from pesticide to a sub-machine gun. Each one will not only crush the bugs, but also desroy certain items in the room. Each time you kill a bug you get a point or two, which can either help you achieve the top score or add time to the timer, depending on which game mode you are playing.

The nicely detailed, 2D surroundings are the commonplace visuals that usually accompany Flash titles and make destruction flow smoothly and colorfully. The sound follows suit with both nicely done music and sound effects.