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Tobi On The Run 1.412

file size: 5.02 MB

What's better than running around a two-dimensional board collecting gold donuts and avoiding bad guys?

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95
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According to Tobi On The Run, it would be digging holes to trap the bad guys. If it sounds simplistic that's because it is, and you'll like it.

You don't neccessarily have to rely on digging holes to accomplish your mission--at least, not at first. There are tons of ladders, shimmeys and other devices that will help you on your get-away, but only later will you have to catch them in a hole.

It's wonderful to see the animation, although not amazingly high-tech, be smooth and fluid. Control is dead-on, never resulting in the screaming that is usually associated with games of this nature. There are tons of levels, and many more in the full version. The game is sure fun, and well worth the cost of registration.