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KillSpam 6.10

file size: 1.31 MB

This tool prevents spam from reaching your POP3 and Hotmail e-mail boxes.

Trial Period:
30 Days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
Cow Rating:

It downloads only the header, allowing you to read the subject, the date and several message lines. This allows you to delete spam and download only the e-mail that you want to read.

The program automatically detects and deletes messages that you declare spam or virus-bearing. You indicate the undesirable messages by writing their subjects in the interceptor grid. Match criteria can be exact, partial or case-sensitive, and you can filter by address or domain.

KillSpam can filter messages by sender address. It scans the addresses of incoming e-mail and compares them to unwanted addresses defined in the Filter Address Grid. If the filter and the addresses match, the messages are deleted.

The program runs in the background and automatically checks e-mail accounts at regular, customizable intervals. It also alerts you when you have new messages. The interceptor grid can be saved to or loaded from a file, or load manually.


  • Internet Explorer 4 or higher