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Magic Conquest 1.2

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Magic Conquest may be a game that many of you have never seen before.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / 95
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However, anyone who has played Final Fantasy VIII (correct me if I'm wrong), will surely see the resemblence to Triple Triad, found in many of the towns.

The gameplay is quite simple. You take a card from your hand and place it in one of the spots in a grid. Your cards will have numbers on the four sides. Numbers that are higher will beat lower and take control. Whoever has the most cards in their control at the end of the hand wins.

The graphics are done extremely well, with hand-drawn cards that all have different personality. The lack of sounds and somewhat repetitive music may annoy you, but the option to turn it off is there.

My real problem with the game is the lack of keeping your own deck. In FF, the cards you collect throughout the game carry over into other games, making losing a card more personal. Without this factor, Magic Conquest falls a little short but it is still worth a look.