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Hardwood Spades 1.2B22

file size: 6.85 MB

This game is beyond elaborate compared to what you are probably used to playing.

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30 days
98 / 95
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While developers are usually fond of keeping the same boring Windows interface, Hardwood Spades offers a fresh, new look to keep you enthralled. In fact, that the artwork alone is worth a look. You can customize your characters with 21 different avatars.

If that isn't enough for you, Hardwood Spades also offers online play and up-to-date scoring. Conversing with your opponents is easy with the built-in chat system.

Everything about this game screams high quality; it's one of the nicest Spades games that we have seen. If you're learning how to play, or you're looking for an electronic representation of your favorite card game, look no further.