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Start-Up 2000

Montecristo Multimedia specializes in business simulations.

98 / 95
Cow Rating:

In June of this year, Start-Up 2000 will be available for purchase in the States through Interplay. Will I be buying it? I'm honestly still not sure.

For starters, as far as a business management simulation goes, this game offers everything you could look for in terms of detail, decent graphics, and flexibility. Your "start-up" can be in the market to create console game systems, video phones, or sell the actual brains for televisions... for whatever purpose that may be. You can build your markets up in Europe, North America, Oceana, The "Emerging" Markets, or via the Internet. It's possible to create up to 3000 unique products to sell, and you control all of the marketing, distribution, and every aspect of the business.

However... it seemed like no matter what I did, I always ended up bombing the game. I tried hiring the best staff I could, the smallest staff possible, and making sure there was a strong mark-up in the products. But, time and time again the scenario ended with a "complete failure" message at the end, which, I assure you, can be very dispiriting.

The demo I received on disk shows that this game has enormous potential as a simulation. However, it's going to be hard to judge based on this one experience alone. The graphics and interface were both very nice, but there was minimal support for the game in both the read-me file and the website itself. It's not incredibly intuitive, I'm afraid. But then, maybe I just don't have a good head for business.


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