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SmartZip 1.0.1

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The ZIP format is the de facto standard in PCs, and the most popular compression utilities for the MacOS are also based on one of its alghorithms; so it represents the best solution for exchanging files between the two platforms.

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And now, you can automatically compress files (or entire folders) by dragging them onto SmartZip, and in the same way, you can easily expand ZIP files.

SmartZip is fully compatible with WinZip) for Windows and it is designed to save all the unique MacOS information about Macintosh files and folders added to the ZIP archive; so the integrity of the MacOS files are preserved when the ZIP file is managed by a PC computer.

SmartZip has some unique features that make it a very powerful application. SmartZip has also been designed to cooperate while other applications are running. Thanks to an efficient background processing scheme it is a perfect helper application for many programs such as Web browsers and e-mail clients.