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iType 2.0.1

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iType is an extension which watches as you type.

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As you type in any application, you build up iType's vocabulary. This happens automatically and invisibly in the background. After a short time, iType starts to use its expanding database to recommend words based on the first few letters you type.

iType supports expansion of mnemonics, language translation, auto-correction, spell checking and telepathy in all programs.

iType also has a text saver feature that makes sure no text is ever lost, even if you lose power to your computer.

Use the iType Mnemonics feature to input long phrases of text instantly. Drag your name, address, Zip Code and phone number to the iType palette. It will ask for a mnemonic to represent this phrase, say 'jm'. In the future, all you need to do to enter all this information is type 'jm' and hit the space bar twice.

The iType AutoCorrector feature immediately and automatically corrects mistypings like 'teh' to 'the' without any user intervention.

Use the iType Translation feature to type in one language and have it appear in another.

Use the iType Spell Checking feature to check the spelling of words as they are typed into a document.

The iType Telepathy feature displays possible words to input as you type. If you type 'acco' iType shows the word 'accommodation.' Hit a double space and that word is input without any more typing. This saves time and energy and increases accuracy.

The iType Text Saver insures that nothing you type is ever lost.