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Wapp Floater 3.1

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Wapp Floater is the palette companion of Wapp Pro.

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15 days
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It displays all the opened windows of the front application in a floating palette. Clicking on an item in the palette will bring the corresponding window to the front if you selected the window from Wapp Pro's menu.

In the Finder, control-clicking on an item (or clicking/holding when FinderPop is installed) will bring up a contextual menu. You can also drag-and-drop items onto the palette items.

Drag-and-drop in Wapp Floater works the same as in the Finder: dragging an item will move it to the desired folder. Holding down the option key while dragging will copy the item, and holding down option and command keys will create a shortcut. And you can also drag items from the Wapp Floater palette. Clicking in the zoom box will collapse and "stack" Wapp Floater in a screen corner so it doesn't cover your windows. Clicking in the close box will hide the palette. You can make the palette appear again by using a shortcut (by default control+command+W). Wapp Floater control lets you modify the behavior of Wapp Floater. You can select which corner will be used to stack Wapp Floater. You can choose which shortcut will show/hide the palette. And there's an option to automatically stack the palette if less then 2 windows are visible in the front application.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Wapp Floater needs Wapp pro 2.3.2 or newer to run (may be downloaded from Tucows' Mac Control Panels section).