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QuickWindow 2.1.2

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QuickWindow allows you to bring an open window to the foreground by selecting the window name from the installed Window menu.

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QuickWindow is a system utility package which installs a Window menu (and contextual menu under Mac OS 9.0/8.x w/PowerPC) on the Finder's Menu. You can manage all open Finder windows more efficiently by using QuickWindow's Window menu.

Features include:

  • Switch previous or next window.
  • Zoom the front window.
  • Center the front window.
  • Close all open windows.
  • Stagger the front window.
  • Cascade all open windows.
  • Set keyboard focus to desktop.

In addition, for Mac OS 9.0/8.x users, QuickWindow also utilizes Mac OS 8's window collapse/uncollapse features. You can collapse/uncollapse the foreground window or all of the open windows and automatically uncollapse a collapsed window once you bring it to the front.

Also, QuickWindow patches the Finder's Clean Up Desktop command, so you will have a chance to cancel Clean Up Desktop if you select the command by mistake.

You can set up hot keys with command, option, control, and shift keys on Mac OS 8.5 or later with DragonOne's FinderMenuTuner installed. QuickWindow supports Mac OS Finder's standard command keys on Mac OS 7. For Mac OS 8 or later users, QuickWindow can display color icons on its menu items for better appearance and identification.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


System requirements: Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS 8.x, Mac OS 7.x; PowerPC, 68K. For the Contextual Menu Plug-in - Mac OS 9/Mac OS 8 only.