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Private Eye 1.0.1

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With the click of a button, Private Eye hides your files until you're ready to access them again.

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15 uses
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Just use your password, and the files pop back into view. This gives you protection from nosy family members, roomates, neighbors and all those other people you just don't trust.

Just remember, Private Eye isn't intended for high-level security -- just protection from those pesky people you have in your life.

When you first start Private Eye, a box comes up wanting a password. I just typed in the word "any," and it worked fine. This is a temporary solution until you register the program.

Features include:

  • Master password protection
  • One-touch hiding and showing of your private files and folders
  • An invisibility tag editor for browsing your hard drive

For more detailed information, including updates, please read the documentation or visit the homepage.


Private Eye is available as a free 15-use trial. After 15 uses, Private Eye will make all of your files visible but not let you enter the program. At this point, you are expected to register.